Tal bagels is proud to offer you the following catering selection .our platters, salad, and side dishes are carefully and skilful prepared and beautifully decorated by our caters. Please call us to learn more about catering feature

101 . Nova, whitefish salad and cream cheese platter (10-12 people 16”platter)
Our finest hand slices most popular Smoked salmon. Silky in texture & melts like butter in your mouth, and using our special whitefish it is very moist providing a wonderful taste in every bite .Beautifully arranged on a platter garnished with lemon, capers, olive, and onion. With One doz. Bagels.
$ 168.00 + tax
102 . Nova, sable, baked salmon salad and cream cheeses (10-12 people, 16”platter)
Kippered (baked) Salmon is a classic. First cured than smoked resulting in a moist, flaky fish with a delicate smoked hickory flavor. In addition, our cured smoked sable brought to life with paprika & just a modicum of salt. Simply it is mouth watering. Beautifully arranged on a platter garnished with lemon, capers, olive, onion With One doz. Bagels.
$ 208.00 + tax
103 . Nova, sturgeon, baked salmon and cream chesses (10-12 people, 16” platter)
Sturgeon light smoke & soft texture makes it extremely succulent & flavorful. Beautifully arranged on a platter garnished with lemon, capers, olive, and onion. With one doz. bagels.
$ 238.00 + tax
104 . Assorted cream cheese platter (10-12people)
Plain cream cheese for the purists. It's gently whipped into the smoothest cream cheese Vegetable Cream Cheese Plentiful in scallions, carrots, green &red peppers & celery this is a rich companion to our bagels & smoked fish Scallion Cream Cheese Abundant with scallions, this flavorful addition is the perfect touch.
$ 29.00 + tax
105 . Salmon platter (10 people 12”platter)
Attractively decorated, ready to serve, Nova Scotia salmon.
$ 100.00 + tax
106 . Cold cut platter (10-15 people) your choice of 3 of the following
Our oven Turkey breast, eye round roast beef cooked to a rare perfection, Hebrew national kosher salami, honey turkey, pastrami. Decorated with pickle, cherry pepper
$ 95.00 + tax
107 . Assorted cheese platter (10-12people) your choice of 3 of the following
American yellow/white cheese, Swiss, Muenster, provolone, alpine Swiss, alpine Muenster, jarlsberg, Decorated with strawberry and grapes
$ 75.00 + tax
108 . Salad patters (10-12 people)
The perfect appetizer of light meal Tuna fish salad, egg salad and 0ne doz. bagels, decorated with carrot, radish, and celery.
$ 88.00 + tax
109 . Lettuce, tomato, onion, capers, lemon (10-12people)

$ 20.00 + tax
110 . Fresh fruit festival (10-15 people)
The ultimate in freshness and variety of fresh fruit, a colorful and tasty presentation (Honeydew, cantaloupe, pineapple, orange, grapefruit, strawberry, blueberry).
$ 89.00 + tax
111 . Fresh vegetable platter (10-15people)
A colorful selection of our finest and most delicious seasonal vegetable (Carrot, celery, broccoli, cucumber, red & green pepper, tomato). With our Mediterranean dip.
$ 75.00 + tax

112. Bowl of side salad (10-12people)

Our salads are prepared on premises daily, by hand, insuring their fresh distinctive taste.
A . Health Salad
Made with tomato, onion & cucumber ,radish ,parsley marinated in lemon juice and olive oil salt& pepper.
$ 28.00
B . Greek Salad
Made with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, scallion, radish, feta cheese, black olives marinated in lemon juice and olive oil salt& pepper.
$ 28.00
Made with tomato, onion, parsley, burghul, marinated in lemon juice and olive oil.
$ 28.00 + tax
D . Hummus
Middle Eastern treat made with chickpeas, tahini and soybean oil, lemon juice.
$ 35.00
E . Tuna Nicoise
Made with tuna tomato, onion & cucumber, radish, parsley marinated in lemon juice and olive oil salt& pepper.
$ 35.00 + tax
F . Coleslaw
Made with shredded cabbage, carrots and mayonnaise. It marinates in sweet vinegar.
$ 18.00
G . Potato Salad
A true classic made with chunks of potatoes and mayonnaise. We add red & green peppers for its distinctive taste.
$ 18.00 + tax
H . Pickled Herrings (priced per lb)
Prepared the old fashioned way - by hand & carefully cleaned & soaked to remove the salt & then pickled with cream sauce and onion.