Tal Bagels, New York magazine’s “Best of…” winner, named “Best Bagels on the upper East Side!” You can be sure our bagels are always “fresh from the oven”. Whether you want the perfect start to your day, a quick and satisfying mid-day meal, or a savory dinner. Tal Bagels offers a diverse menu to please every taste and appetite.

Our bagels are made from flour, water, yeast, sugar and salt, with no chemical or preservatives added, and our variety ranges from plain, poppy and everything… to cinnamon, sesame, and salt, to name only a few.

At Tal Bagels, we offer a full line of fresh bakery product, all of which are made on premises. We have delicous Danish, assorted croissants, and a variety of muffins… including sugar-free and fat-free, as well as cakes, cookies, rugalach, bread, linzer tart and pasteries.

We have a wider variety of spread and salads including tuna salad, baked salmon salad, whitefish salad and assorted cream cheese (plain, vegetable, scallion) and cold cuts including delicous homemade turkey breast, roast beef and many others. Our fresh homemade soups include Chicken Matzo ball, Split Pea, Lentil and Chicken Noodle and are offered daily… the perfect complement to your meal.

Our smoked fish which is expertly craved by our gifted slicer who works with surgical precision is a must-try, including whitefish, baked sakmon, Sturgeon, sable.

Our Formula for “Success” Tal Bagels sincerely sppreciates your patronage. Please let us know of any way we can better accommodate you, and we shall do out best to staisfy your requests. After all, our success depends upon your satisfaction.